Simple Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors Looking to Improve Their Nutrition

Proper nutrition is key to healthy aging. Still, many seniors find it challenging to get the nutrients they need from their everyday diet. That could be due to several factors, including mobility issues, living situations, and budgetary concerns, but seniors shouldn’t have to stress about eating healthfully, especially when there are simple and accessible ways to get more whole foods into their diet. So, if you are a senior who needs healthy eating tips, or if you are a caregiver concerned about an older loved one, here are some helpful nutrition tips. 

Look for Wellness and Health Savings from Medicare 

If you’re like most seniors, you rely on Medicare for many of your health and wellness needs. Medicare is a wonderful resource for seniors, and some plans can even offer additional benefits that can make managing your health and fitness much easier. For example, if you are currently enrolled or thinking about enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan, you may be eligible for certain wellness programs. Many Medicare Advantage plans, for instance, allow enrollees to access fitness and wellness programs throughout the country, so if you’re not currently signed up for one, consider switching your Medicare coverage during your next eligible enrollment period. That’s generally during the Open Enrollment Period, but you may be able to make changes to your plan at a different time as well.

Also, before you resort to any fad diets, you should also know that nutritional plans may be covered by your Medicare plan as well, especially if your healthcare provider is concerned about diabetes or obesity. So, use those benefits to your advantage and get the professional guidance needed to create a personalized nutrition plan. 

Find Accessible Food Delivery Options for Seniors 

For many seniors, getting healthy foods into their bodies isn’t the issue; it’s getting those healthy foods into their homes that poses a challenge. For home-bound seniors, there are many options for getting the nutritional foods they need without putting their health and safety at risk. You could look for local meal delivery services tailored especially for seniors, such as Meals on Wheels, or you can have your groceries delivered right to your door.

Most of these helpful options can be accessed with a senior-friendly smartphone. So, if you don’t already have one, consider upgrading your current phone or starting a new cell phone service so that you will have more avenues for accessing healthy whole foods. You can use your smartphone to do all the things listed above, such as making grocery lists and researching senior meal services, and you can also use your smartphone to take advantage of those grocery delivery services from stores like Walmart, Target, and Whole Foods

Make Smart Choices When It Comes to Eating Out 

Since these are practical tips for healthy eating, it helps to acknowledge that dining out can be more convenient for many seniors, especially those who are living alone. Still, all of those fast food and restaurant portions are not likely to give you the nutrients you need to stay healthy. So, if you are going to eat at restaurants, make sure you choose the healthiest options on each menu and opt for restaurants that actually offer healthy menu choices. For instance, most major chains serve meals that include grilled chicken, which can be a source of lean protein. You can even order off of kids’ menus for smaller portions. When you order takeout or dine-in, just be mindful of the beverages you consume with your meal as well. Always try to opt for unsweetened tea, water with fruit, or black coffee to enjoy with your meals so that you can avoid the health risks of sugar and even diet sodas — and all of those empty calories

Nutrition is a basic need every senior should have access to, but many seniors do not. You can change this for yourself, or a senior loved one, by using these tips, and by taking the time to look for other resources that can make eating healthy less of a hassle. Because you deserve to have the foods that will do your brain and body the most good! 

Photo Credit: Pixabay